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Yinyin Liu

Yinyin leads the data science efforts, applying deep learning and Intel Nervana technologies into business applications across different industry domains, and driving the development and design of Intel Nervana Platform. She and the Intel Nervana team developed open-source deep learning frameworks, neon and Intel Nervana Graph, brought state-of-the-art models on image recognition, image localization, natural language processing into the framework and deep learning solutions. Yinyin also has experience in computer vision, neuromorphic computing, and robotics.

At Nervana and now at Intel, our data scientists work directly with domain experts to solve real-world problems using AI across a broad set of industries including agriculture, healthcare, automotive, energy, and finance. We spend our time building connections and applying deep learning to address each use case, and we are finding that the problem space is often reshaped along with the evolvement of AI methods. This iterative process of problem solution exploration allows us to arrive at effective solutions in unique ways or sometimes to uncover problems we didn’t even know we had.

Through these distinct experiences applying Intel Nervana AI technologies, we have realized the importance of openness, transparency, and participation. The excitement and benefits of AI not only belong to people who work on AI directly, but also to the people who want to solve problems with AI across a diverse set of experiences and backgrounds. The openness of AI algorithms and frameworks enables everyone in the community to learn, understand, practice and participate in AI. Keeping AI efforts transparent across all industries helps to ensure that we can combine forces on similar interests and build the future of this field together.

Today, we are happy to announce that Intel is joining the Partnership on AI. Those of us who work on AI products here at Intel are really excited to be a part of the Partnership. We will continue our efforts to provide open frameworks and open research to enable more industries to apply AI to their problems. We look forward to discovering what solutions are beneficial and what problems are most critical to solve and to building the future of AI together with our fellow member companies who are a part of the Partnership on AI. I am personally honored to represent Intel on the Partnership and look forward to sharing the contributions of Intel’s amazing and diverse team of AI researchers, developers, and data scientists to help evolve the AI space.

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