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Jennifer Myers

Jennifer has 20 years experience leading software engineering at both startups and large companies - spanning networking, security, video and search. She created her first neural networks at Carnegie Mellon in 1987, holds a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Northwestern where she built recurrent neural networks for her thesis, and she is thrilled to be advancing her original field of study once again.

Highlights from this release include: 

  • Update Data Loader to aeon for flexible, multi-threaded data loading and transformations. More information can be found in the docs, but in brief, aeon:
    • provides an easy interface to adapt existing models to your own, custom, datasets
    • supports images, video and audio and is easy to extend with your own providers for custom modalities
    • is designed to be efficient handling large datasets and loading and augmenting data with minimal latency
  • Neural Machine Translation model
  • Remove Fast RCNN model (use Faster RCNN model instead)
  • Fix super blocking for small N with 1D conv
  • Fix update-direct conv kernel for small N
  • Add gradient clipping to Adam optimizer
  • Documentation updates and bug fixes

As always, you can grab this release from github at:


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