Intel® Nervana™ Platform

Enterprise-ready AI deployed in the cloud or on-premise

Focus on the Science

The Intel® Nervana™ Platform includes what you need to design, develop, and deploy state-of-the-art deep learning models. There’s no need for you to download multiple frameworks and libraries and to troubleshoot complex integration issues. Everything you need is included and “just works” to make building AI solutions as easy as possible.

Robust data loading

While other cloud offerings are designed for tabular data, the Intel® Nervana™ Platform also supports loading and training on video, images, audio, time-series data, and many other data types. We tightly integrate with AWS and other cloud storage providers, so your data is always transferred and stored securely.

State-of-the-art deep learning model

The Intel® Nervana™ Platform model library consists of a curated, enterprise-grade collection of the world’s most advanced deep learning models, updated regularly based on the latest research and real-world customer experience. Our team of data scientists has developed some of the world’s most innovative and successful deep learning solutions, and they are standing by to help you.

Easily build your custom deep learning solution

The Intel® Nervana™ Deep Learning Studio, a suite of tools with an easy-to-use interface, dramatically simplifies the deep learning process and accelerates time-to-solution. After you import your data, you can extend one of our state-of-the-art models or build your own. Then, you can kick off training with single click and track progress on the dashboard. All the capabilities of the platform are also accessible via a powerful command line interface.

Flexible development & deployment options

Develop your deep learning model on the Intel® Nervana™ Cloud or on-premise. Seamlessly deploy your trained model across a multitude of applications in the data center, gateway, or at the edge.

ncloud Demo

This is a demo of the private beta version of the Intel® Nervana™ and a command line utility (ncloud) used to submit training jobs, list active jobs, show status of jobs and resources, deploy models, download parameters, and upload datasets.

Introducing the aeon dataloader and other enhancements in Nervana Cloud 1.5.0

Nervana Cloud 1.5.0 contains enormous under-the-hood changes and improvements.  We’ve revamped and updated a lot of the core underlying code, separated the various application components into their own microservices, re-written our job launcher, added support for a new container orchestration service, squashed more than 75 bugs, and greatly expanded our testing coverage. The biggest changes…

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Security at Nervana Part 2: Securing Data

In our previous Security post, we discussed the Root of Trust, and how it is used to create a secure, trusted environment in which to execute deep learning applications. In this post, we explore the challenges involved in securing data, and how we can build on the aforementioned hardened software environment to meet those challenges.…

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Simplified ncloud syntax and other improvements to Nervana Cloud

Nervana Cloud is a full-stack hosted platform for deep learning that enables businesses to develop and deploy high-accuracy deep learning solutions at a fraction of the cost of building their own infrastructure and data science teams. We recently updated Nervana Cloud’s ncloud command-line interface (CLI) syntax to support subcommands and shortcuts for improved usability and…

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