Intel® Nervana™ Hardware

A New Class of Hardware that is AI by Design

Blazingly-fast Data Access

Training deep learning networks means moving a lot of data, and using best-in-class memory technologies. Intel® Nervana™ Hardware uses new high-capacity, high-speed High Bandwidth Memory to provide the maximum level of on-chip storage and a blazingly-fast memory access speed.

Throughput Near the Theoretical Limit

Intel® Nervana™ Hardware features separate pipelines for computation and data management, so new data is always available for computation. This pipeline isolation, combined with plenty of local memory, means our engine can run near its theoretical maximum throughput most of the time.

Built-in Networking for Unprecedented Speed and Scalability

Intel® Nervana™ Hardware includes bi-directional high-bandwidth links, enabling ASICs to interconnect so data can move between them, seamlessly. This allows linear speedup on current models by assigning more compute to the task—or unprecedented model size expansion without any decrease in speed.

Jun 15, 2017   |  

Comparing dense compute platforms for AI

In the world of artificial intelligence, there has been a lot of talk about performance and capabilities of hardware platforms.  It is true that today’s computing power is what allowed the AI revolution to (re)happen and this is a combination of 1) increased data set sizes, and 2) high-density compute.  In this blog, I’d like…

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