Jun 22, 2017   |   Jason Knight

Intel® Nervana™ Graph Beta

We are building the Intel Nervana Graph project to be the LLVM for deep learning, and today we are excited to announce a beta release of our work we previously announced in a technical preview. We see the Intel Nervana Graph project as the beginning of an ecosystem of optimization passes, hardware backends and frontend…

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#Intel Nervana Graph #neon

Nov 17, 2016   |   Jason Knight

Preview Release: Intel® Nervana™ Graph

The field of deep learning is moving at a rapid pace.  Practitioners need tools that are flexible enough to keep up. Theano popularized the notion of computational graphs as a powerful abstraction, and more recently, TensorFlow iterated on that concept. Together, they demonstrate some first steps in unlocking the potential of deep learning, but we…

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#Intel Nervana Graph

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